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The Construction Institute
P.O. Box 220808
Boston, MA 02122

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Annual Report

The Construction Institute
Annual Report 2007 - 2008
Message from the Co-Chairs

The alliance between Massachusetts building trades unions and contractors has created a community of people eager to better our skylines, our economy and our communities.
Our unions and contractors are focused on providing the highest quality and value in the construction industry. No challenge is too big or small which is evident in an impressive resume of projects from office remodeling to construction of some of the most complex buildings in the state.
Our dedication to having the best trained workforce in the industry raises standards throughout the industry, increases job site safety, and ensures that our work product continues to be the best in the world.
Getting the job done right also means hiring a workforce that most positively affects the local economy. Because our union contractors pay attractive wages and benefits, union workers have stronger spending power which helps other businesses and state tax revenues, while reducing the burden on social programs. Union pension funds also attract capital to Massachusetts which provides economic benefits to local communities and creates hundreds of jobs for building trades and other workers.
And, no matter what the request, our unions, members and contractors have stepped up to the plate to volunteer time and money to support charitable causes in almost every Massachusetts community in which we live or work.
The Construction Institute is working hard to build on these achievements and meet industry challenges ahead. In these tough economic times, this partnership is more crucial than ever to sustaining the success of union construction in Massachusetts.                  


Thomas J. Gunning                                             Francis X. Callahan, Jr.
Executive Director                                               President
Building Trades Employers Association                 Massachusetts Building Trades Council

For a copy of the complete Annual Report for fiscal year 2007-2008, please click the red download arrow below.


Annual Report 07-08