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The Best Business Choice

Union Construction: The Best Business Choice

Today’s building trades unions and union contractors are focused on solving business challenges, such as providing a competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace, increasing profitability on every job and developing and delivering a highly-trained professional workforce to get the job done right the first time. Simply put, today’s union construction industry is all business.

Northeastern B & C: (Photo courtesy of Mark Flannery Photography)
Northeastern B & C: (Photo courtesy of Mark Flannery Photography)
Many of Massachusetts’ finest institutions and businesses have chosen union construction because of its proven record of providing quality construction – on time and within budget. Union contractors and craftspeople have left their mark of excellence on the Massachusetts landscape. This is evident in an impressive portfolio of projects including educational institutions such as Boston University, Harvard University, Northeastern University and Boston College; major healthcare facilities including Massachusetts General Hospital and the D’Amour Center for Cancer Care in Springfield; insurance companies such as Mass Mutual and Blue Cross Blue Shield; and public buildings including the Worcester Courthouse.

Each of these organizations understands the importance of cost, quality, and scheduling. In fact, it’s why they chose union construction in the first place.

Boston University: (Photo courtesy of Boston University)
Boston University (Photo courtesy of Boston University)

“Every innovative and technologically advanced building constructed on the Boston University Campus over the last thirty years has been union made. Boston University is proud to partner with the Building Trades Council in building the most technologically advanced buildings in the world.”

- Edward M. King, President of Government and Community Affairs, Boston University