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Raising the Bar on Safety and Health in New England

BuildSafe is an alliance between unions, contractors, insurance firms, and other construction industry stakeholders, which is attempting to create a culture in the New England construction industry where safety is value-based and is recognized as an inseparable criterion of excellence, just as much as efficiency, productivity, environmental and social responsibility, and quality. In this culture, people are valued not only for what they do, but who they are. In this environment, when safety performance is spoken about, it is done so in terms of relationships and people, not numbers or statistics. And, when facing a choice between meeting production and schedule goals versus working safely, everyone knows unequivocally where their supervisor, their workers, and their organizational leadership stands regarding this choice.
With this pivotal change in the focus of safety from a “requirement to comply” to something inseparable from “doing it right”, workers will return home each night injury-free and contractors will enjoy enhanced productivity and superior morale, while avoiding downtime and the monetary and human costs associated with accidents and injuries. The BuildSafe initiative requires a fundamental shift from a mindset that accepts injuries and deaths as an inherent risk of working in construction to a mindset that is intolerant of any level, frequency, or severity of incident or injury. Our BuildSafe partners have committed to a Stand for Safety as follows:  

We, as members of BuildSafe New England, are part of a proud legacy and members of an extended family, so an injury to one is an injury to all. We ensure a safe work environment for our employees, their families, and the public. Everybody goes home safe and healthy everyday - no exceptions.

We have also developed a Memorandum of Understanding and a Code of Conduct which serve as the foundation for achieving the BuildSafe mission. These documents can be viewed below.
We meet regularly to conduct safety peer reviews of job sites, share best practices and develop tools for improved safety performance. Check the TCI Events page for BuildSafe meeting information.



BuildSafe Memorandum of Understanding
BuildSafe Code of Conduct