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The Construction Institute
P.O. Box 220808
Boston, MA 02122

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email: info@builtbest.org

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What is Built Best?

Built Best - Value on display. Everyday.

Times have changed. Tighter budgets, project schedules, and demands in today’s economy mean the building industry is faced with tougher decisions to ensure success. Today’s building trades unions and union contractors are focused on solving business challenges.

That’s why Built Best exists. Built Best is an initiative created through The Construction Institute - a partnership between contractors and building trades unions committed to the principle of getting the job done right and getting the right people for the job.

The Built Best initiative is aligned with the national Building and Construction Trades Department's Value on Display promise to the industry, contractors and owners alike that "our highly skilled union workforce delivers unmatched value work with pride, performance and professionalism."

 Built Best - Labor and Management Building Better Together

  • One partnership dedicated to promoting quality construction in communities across Massachusetts.
  • One initiative determined to sustain a quality and professional workforce through better training, attractive wages and benefits, diversity and equality, outstanding job security and advancement opportunities.
  • One movement to ensure local construction grows our local economies while reducing the burden of healthcare and employment costs on our communities.
  • One common belief that it takes a strong work ethic, integrity, and character to build strong communities.  

As your complete construction resource, we help you find what you need - whether it is choosing a rewarding career in construction or finding the right contractor for your project.                                  

Built Best - Pride, Performance and Professionalism

  • With 75,000 members and over 3,500 union contractors, the union construction sector is the largest trainer and supplier of skilled construction workers in the Commonwealth.
  • Our union trades people and contractors employ the highest standards and latest technologies in the business.
  • We recruit and train the best talent for the state’s construction trades. In fact, we invest over $28 million annually in training apprentices and upgrading the skills of our journey-level crafts men and women. 
  • We supply a consistent pipeline of highly qualified and trained workers to developers and contractors to ensure projects are done right and efficiently. 
  • We eliminate the burdens of healthcare costs on the client and the community by providing a comprehensive benefit package for our workers that follows them for job to job.
  • We protect workers’ and their families’ futures by providing a retirement benefits package that accrues and stays with the worker from job to job.
  • We strive to reduce workers’ compensation costs with our focus on training.
  • We provide contractors and developers a competitive edge when bidding on projects by using our apprenticeship programs.
  • We support area communities in charitable ways that support those in need.

To find out more about Built Best, download a file below by clicking the corresponding red download arrow.


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Build a Future in Construction
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