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Careers in Construction

Careers in Construction
Why a career in construction?


Construction is an industry that will always need skilled workers. Economists predict a pending shortage of skilled workers as baby boomers retire so we will be looking for workers to enter apprenticeships.

Many people are drawn to the building and construction trades because they enjoy an active, hands-on job with variety, one in which they can physically see the outcome of their work. Many cite a deep satisfaction with being part of an important project in the community, or being trusted to tackle a challenging portion of a high-profile project that allows you to showcase your high level of skill.

The union advantage


It’s easy to find a job in construction, but becoming a skilled journey worker with the union is a career choice for a lifetime.

Each union has its own apprenticeship program. Unlike any other program of its kind, union apprenticeship allows you to earn while you learn. Once you become an apprentice, you work and attend a specific number of hours of classroom training, which you also are paid for. The classroom training provides safety and entry-level skills to get you started. You work under a skilled journey worker on the job, learning how to become the very best in your craft.All craft workers are encouraged to continue their education, learning and growing throughout their careers.

Unlike open shops, wages in union construction are very good, and benefits such as health insurance and retirement pension, provide security for you and your family.

For more information about building trade apprenticeship opportunities in Massachusetts, including a directory of union building trades apprentice programs, click the corresponding red download arrow.


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