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Educators/ Parents

Information for Educators and Parents

Due to technological advances and global competition, the construction industry demands highly skilled and trained people more than ever. This job market is rich with variety, challenging roles and outstanding benefits just waiting for your students or kids.
The skills required for most trades are developed through the system of apprenticeship, which combines 3-5 years of classroom instruction and on-the-job training under the tutelage of an experienced journey level crafts person. Upon successful completion of the apprenticeship, participants receive the industry-accepted credential as a journey level worker.
While all of our union apprenticeship programs operate under standards set by the Massachusetts Department of Labor and Workforce Development’s Division of Apprenticeship Training, in practice, many set standards that exceed the minimum required for selection procedures, training content, wage progression and completion requirements. 
Many of our programs also offer or are establishing college credit for their apprenticeship training and will fund some post-apprenticeship college courses, allowing the our union members to receive an associate degree from an affiliated institute of higher education. And, unlike a college education, apprentices earn while they learn, making apprenticeship affordable for all.
And, if an individual doesn't meet the requirements for apprenticeship training right now, there are resources that can help them qualify in less than six months. The Metropolitan Boston Building and Construction Trades Council (MBBTC) offers a free pre-apprenticeship program known as the 21st Century Building Trades Apprenticeship Preparedness Program (APP). The APP prepares young adults, minorities, women and people of low to moderate income to enter building trade apprenticeship programs. The 10-week program includes 60 hours of classroom instruction in the evenings and Saturday site visits to training facilities and construction projects. For more information call 617-282-2242.
Find out just how rewarding a career in construction can be.
Information sheets/contacts
·    Steps to a rewarding career: Becoming a Union Apprentice (PDF)
Steps to becoming an apprentice
·    Contact a Joint Apprenticeship Coordinator (PDF)
Contact information for all construction apprenticeship coordinators in Massachusetts
·     Benefits to hiring apprentices (PDF)
Learn the benefits of apprenticeship for the employer
·    Apprenticeship in Massachusetts  (MA DIvision of Apprentice Training)
       Detailed information on apprenticeship opportunities in Massachusetts
Building Trades Apprentice Training in Massachusetts: An Analysis of Union and Non-Union Programs, 1997 – 2007, Anneta Argyres and Susan Moir, University of Massachusetts Boston Labor Resource Center (PDF

This study shows that the unionized sector of the construction industry in Massachusetts provides a higher number of skilled workers through apprenticeship programs and that these programs are more successful at recruiting ethnic minorities and women than non-union programs.

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