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The Construction Institute
P.O. Box 220808
Boston, MA 02122

tel: 617.436.4159
fax: 617.436.4163
email: info@builtbest.org

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About Us

The Pride of Craftmanship - The Power of Partnership

The Construction Institute (TCI) is a partnership comprised of building trades unions, union contractors, contractor associations, industry professionals, and 75,000 skilled union crafts men and women,  dedicated to being the premier provider of construction services in Massachusetts. TCI promotes quality construction and a skilled construction workforce for the benefit of the Massachusetts construction industry, our local communities and the customers we serve.

TCI works to enhance the image of the union construction industry and better prepare its contractors and unions to meet future industry challenges by providing a unified voice for union construction; funding scholarly research on the impact of unionization in construction and on factors which could positively affect the future of union construction; communicating to our clients, the public and policy-makers about the superior value provided by union construction; and providing strategic educational opportunities for union workers and employers to improve our contribution to the industry.