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The Hallmark of Union Construction - Quality and Productivity

Quality & Productivity: On-Time, On-Budget, Complete Satisfaction

Dean Findley of Independent Analysis conducted a study in 2004 where he concluded that union projects are nearly 17% more productive than non-union jobs. That’s a staggering figure when you consider what an additional 17% in costs could amount to on a major construction project, or one-sixth more time added to the project schedule.

You have neither the time nor money to waste – especially in today’s economy – on cost overruns, unreliable contractors and mismanagement. Instead you need the reliability of craftspeople who are trained to excel in quality workmanship and productivity. You require a solution that will provide the best overall value.

Watch a video from the Ironworkers describing an independent study on the productivity of union labor.
“MassMutual has a 150 year reputation built on quality and financial integrity. As such, we appreciate the proud traditions of labor unions and admire the high quality and integrity provided by union craftsmanship. Unions built our great country and we are proud to support the use of union labor in our building projects throughout the United States. The $2 Billion Fan Pier project in Boston is an example of our commitment to union labor - building with the best and doing it right the first time!”

- Kenneth A. Pouch Jr., Taft-Hartley Relations, MassMutual Financial Group, Springfield, MA

Union contractors make the conscious decision to use union labor. As business-minded individuals, they recognize that union craftspeople are better trained, better organized and more efficient on the job site, making the entire project a smoother operation.

Worcester Courthouse: (Photo courtesy of Edward Hillard Photography)
Worcester Courthouse: (Photo courtesy of Edward Hillard Photography)

“We’ve been in partnership with the Union since 1958 and continue to gain from the relationship. Partnering with the Union has allowed us to grow and compete more effectively in the market.”

- Dan Kleeberg, President, Kleeberg Sheet Metal Inc., Ludlow, MA

“Union labor is integral to our ability to provide the best quality for our clients. As one of the largest mechanical contractors in New England, the 400 plus men and women that we employ ensure that each project is successfully coordinated, scheduled and installed with maximum efficiency.”

- John Cannistraro, Jr., President, J.C. Cannistraro, LLC, Watertown, MA

Our union contractors can specify skills, even request workers by name, and determine which qualifications are needed for each job. This leads to streamlined teams that work well together, minimize downtime, and maintain the highest level of productivity and quality.