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Volpe-Eagan Construction Safety Awards

Recognizing Achievements in Advancing Safety & Health

Since 1970, the unionized sector of the construction industry in Massachusetts has honored significant achievements by men and women in advancing safety and health in the workplace. TCI has continued this tradition with the hope that this awards program will encourage other individuals to emulate honorees by their dedication to safeguarding the lives and health of union construction workers.

The Volpe-Eagan Safety Awards are conferred each year in honor of Patrick Volpe and Edward F. Eagan, both pioneers in promoting health and safety in the construction industry.

Mr. Volpe was Safety Director for Volpe Construction and Chairman of Bulletin 12, a former state committee charged with revising the Commonwealth's occupational safety and health regulations. Mr. Eagan had over twenty years of service with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and was highly regarded by both labor and management for his tireless dedication to safeguarding the lives and health of workers. He was a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 103. Because of his outstanding contributions to safety and health in the construction industry, Mr. Eagan received the Volpe Safety Award in 1979.

Candidates for the Volpe-Eagan Safety Awards may include individuals who are involved in or have responsibility for safety and health concerns for union construction workers within their organization, or who have had a significant impact on the field of construction occupational safety and health through such areas as research, education and training, policymaking, or advocacy.

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Volpe-Eagan Award Guidelines
Volpe-Eagan Award Nomination Form