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The Greening of Construction

Green Careers in Construction

Everyone is talking about the new green economy. Luckily for the construction industry, green building requires many of the same skill sets as typical construction. Indeed, our union contractors and crafts men and women have built and installed every type of "green technology" that already exists and are being trained in new technologies that will be ready to go online in the near future.

Wind Turbine at IBEW Local 103: (Photo courtesy of IBEW Local 103)
Wind Turbine at IBEW Local 103: (Photo courtesy of IBEW Local 103)
Green building training is included in union apprenticeship and journey worker upgrade training programs and many of our union contractors have LEED certified staff so that they remain on the cutting edge of sustainable construction practices.

Partnerships for a Green Economy

AFL-CIO Center for Green Jobs

As part of the union movement’s commitment to creating green jobs, the AFL-CIO has established a Center for Green Jobs which has joined with the AFL-CIO Building and Construction Trades Department (BCTD) in its efforts to help building trades unions recruit and train the “green workers” for tomorrow’s construction jobs.

The BCTD is working to engage its more than 1,100 training programs across the country to create the skilled workforce needed for a clean energy future and provide new opportunities to join the middle class for workers in underserved communities, nontraditional workers, and communities of color.

The core mission of the Center for Green Jobs will be to cultivate an equal focus on the quantity and quality of green jobs and to ensure that they are available to all Americans.

The Center also has formed a partnership with the National Labor College to develop a “green” certificate program for students of the college.

Jeff Rickert, who worked with the Apollo Alliance, will head the Center for Green Jobs. The Apollo Alliance is a coalition of business, labor, environmental and community leaders working to create a clean energy revolution in America. The national Apollo Alliance’s five core Principles for Success in the Clean Energy and Green-Collar Economy call for local, state, and federal officials involved in approving projects and making investment decisions under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to apply these standards to generating jobs and building a clean energy economy.

Green Justice Coalition

TCI is a member of the Green Justice Coalition, a group of Massachusetts community organizations, labor unions, and environmental organizations that have come together to make sure that quality jobs and other benefits for low income families are the payoffs from our energy investments in the Commonwealth.

The Coalition's member organizations are building a broad-based constituency for a sustainable, equitable, and clean energy economy in Massachusetts. We are dedicated to ensuring that the Commonwealth’s growing green economy will create quality jobs, local workforce development opportunities as well as healthier and safer communities. Low-income communities and communities of color have been overburdened by our unsustainable economy; and the Coalition wants to ensure that these communities are at the forefront of the growing green, sustainable economy.

For more information about the GJC, visit http://massclu.org/green_justice_coalition


TCI is also supporting the creation of a similar coalition known as GreenWork in western Massachusetts that also includes companies engaged in green initiatives. GreenWork serves as a roundtable for discussion, networking, and collaboration in the green economy; creates and supports sustainable and equitable green economic research, initiatives, and resources, and monitors and solicits information about the development, implementation, and practices of green jobs and green economic initiatives and policies.